One Problem

Don't know, just kind of go onto a marathon of words, this turned into a call of duty.

Milky way

Uh the lifetime supply of chocolate for a mate of mine, when is it given.

Flip Flop

Honestly, this soundtrack is a mess, but what the hell, might as well put this as an addition.


Haha, most people cannot fathom beyond their own worlds, to then even make assumptions.


Kind of do what is said on the tin, the tattoo man be tripping with his chicken strips.


Why even care when people are oblivious to what is going on, i'll take you to real court.

No Secrets

Erm not too sure what this is, at the same time it could become a number one hit single.

What Now

Don't talk, just act, blah blah, some parts work, i don't care what you make of it.

My exploration journey started here and i do not regret what was said, especially with two degrees in the matter, i think to know what's going on?