After the initial introduction to sound development, began to play with characters and voice modules, such as pitch and length.


Same Old Story

Apologies in advance if i repeat myself, its only because, it is vital, or maybe i hit a brick wall.


Women are predictable, men are laughable, stop acting strong when you should act soft.

Internet Kid

Roll credits, i would be excellent at cinema something but my work is art, not random video.

Los Set Up

Argh, meh, errr, ew, why on earth do we think we are better than one another.


Do we choose to conform because sticking out makes us far too vulnerable, find out.


Too much going on, only taking the best clips, or whatever, yes, i ran out of ideas but so have you.


That's it, just read from that teleprompter, only making a slight appearance, increases power.

New Things

You don't have to like it, i'm not forcing you but at least, i got to place it in front of your eyes.

Stop It

How i feel when trying to do this essay, can also prepare to expect the worst, even if.


Could one be the perfect lover without the love interest, maybe fortune favours the bold.