Kind of needed a little change in my flex to make things pop, turns out nobody likes me so i can do what i like, hooraay!



Cannot resist the urge to say something when something is needed to be said.


Noticed when given for free, people do not see opportunity, this could have been monetised.


Repeating oneself is stupid, repeating oneself is stupid, its sometimes just a game.


Can you tell the difference or does it sound the same, nevermind, only here for change.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also add food, water, and shelter.

Jalebi Babies

Maybe a lot is said, however, a transcript may help both of us understand.


War costs money, lets just make everything free, wouldn't that just be easy.


Something significant about a trumpet, or was it a horn, imagine just not existing.

Twisted Slang

You have to think that the beat is around the words, and not the other way round.

So As To Say

The world only cares about influential people who do not deserve the attention.

Alternative Version

Get a notepad and write a transcript, probably the easiest way to understand this, bitch.

On The Block

Sometimes, constantly being on the grind makes you forget the enjoyment.


No one gets out alive in the end, might as well try and do our best.


All sequences are created with soundtracks in mind, these suit well in my opinion.


I'm just going to school every rapper and make mince out of them, for fun.

Don't Sweat This Technique

This video was a suggestion, and looked interesting enough to accompany this soundtrack.

Best Believe

These incredible statements by me, who's to say what opinion is more valuable.

Planned Plan

If the lyrics are simple, mostly from my university introductory writing days.