Just Be True
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No New Religion
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I said I would reinvent myself so, decided to make something catchy instead, whilst maintaining some substance, of course my style is like as though I am chocolate, I'd eat myself.

I am in love with this soundtrack, its such a let down that the theatre refused in accommodation, if it were a large set and crew, i bet you they would, nonetheless, i won't forget them.

The Internet Kid™ - Me

My entire philosophy is, if what I can do with nothing, what can be done with something?

The Internet Kid™ - Dreams

After graduating university twice, once in UAL and secondly UoB, I thought my F in GCSE should at least consider me into some position,

The Internet Kid™ - Pony Carousel

Not exactly a singer, but after practicing computers and making videos for others, I thought why not make them for myself, from beginning to end, this is just the beginning...

The Internet Kid™ - Robyn

This was a cute little break from the song writing and used sound effects instead, try to guess the lucky or unlucky lady in this one.

The Internet Kid™ - Cookie Crumble

The Final Soundtrack.