The beginning of this journey was a soul search process , and after countless sessions at the recording studio, thought it was best to do it myself.

Light In The Madness

Tough battle of knowing your inner personality, and still choosing temptations.

De La Soul

Got to get into the groove of a goose to understand how to get loose.


What is the right to remain silent, if not already taken before given a choice.

Boom Boom Pop

Appreciate artwork, and the countless hours spent on ensuring the edits actually match, somewhat.



Is life about living in a box, or unlocking ones true potential through hardships and trials.


Sorry about the poor quality video but hey, what do you even care, its all fine.

Up To You

Are fights within ones mind, body or soul, could we be reciprocating with each other.

Creations Creation

We cannot create creations when we can barely contain our own constipation.

The Chase

Chained to the rhythm or enslaved to the false impending sense of freedom.

Odd One Out

This soundtrack was to originally be called fake love, however this name stuck.

Help You

Yes, i'm trying to help you, if money were to be involved, would it make it worthwhile.


People think dogs can go to heaven so, they themselves can do whatever they need.

I Don't Care

This isn't copyright, this is freedom of usage act just introduced, i promise you copy as well.


Had it with the phantom thief bullshit, after thirteen videos, this should go back over there.