Drop The !
And Again!?
Are You Miserable For Me?
Why Not? It Looks Nice!
Fly, Fly, Fly, Flies!
This My Favorite Car, Hands Down!
Take Two, Action!
My Favourite Friends, Only Friends, Just Kidding!
I Like The View, Vey Nice!
Checkin' It Out!
Missionary, We Aren't Dogs!
The Long Walk, Somewhat?
I Always Like Convertibles!
Ice Ice Baby, Dun Dun Dun!
Baby Would Like It!
ArrDee Is Spelt Incorrectly.
Peanuts, Honey Roasted All The Way!
Hate This Guy!
I'm Super Duper Tired
Too Many People In This!
Me To The Pyramid!
My T-Shirt Is Somewhat More Impressive But I Choose The Diamonds...
Oh, You Don't Mean Nothing At All To Me, Lies!
Shining Light From Nowhere?
Coke Studio Season Fifty
Super Rescue, Duh Duh!
Jiggy With A Rifle!
She's In Paris!