Cannot resist the urge to say something when something is needed to be said.


Noticed when given for free, people do not see opportunity, this could have been monetised.


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, also add food, water, and shelter.


War costs money, lets just make everything free, wouldn't that just be easy.

Twisted Slang

You have to think that the beat is around the words, and not the other way round.

Alternative Version

Get a notepad and write a transcript, probably the easiest way to understand this, bitch.


Kind of do what is said on the tin, the tattoo man be tripping with his chicken strips.

On The Block

Sometimes, constantly being on the grind makes you forget the enjoyment.


I'm just going to school every rapper and make mince out of them, for fun.


Why even care when people are oblivious to what is going on, i'll take you to real court.

Flip Flop

Honestly, this soundtrack is a mess, but what the hell, might as well put this as an addition.

No Secrets

Erm not too sure what this is, at the same time it could become a number one hit single.

Tiger Type

Most give bad advice, nobody expects anything anymore, what a surprise.

Milky way

Uh the lifetime supply of chocolate for a mate of mine, when is it given.


I love how with animations or cartoon, you can really push imagination to limits.


When a person of interest mentions a particular subject, of course i have to add my opinion.


What a sweet film, oh theres one studio in particular whose work has a signature style.

Pony Carousel

Whitewall tires, pickup trucks, why is the world so out of heart, luck, and yet stuck with desire.

Best Believe

These incredible statements by me, who's to say what opinion is more valuable.


Um, this is about me, what else, got to fill characters to fit the form, which is over function.


Repeating oneself is stupid, repeating oneself is stupid, its sometimes just a game.


Hey, you, yes you, don't be afraid, its only a pussy cat, how high reference.


Haha, most people cannot fathom beyond their own worlds, to then even make assumptions.

One Problem

Don't know, just kind of go onto a marathon of words, this turned into a call of duty.


Can you tell the difference or does it sound the same, nevermind, only here for change.


Could one be the perfect lover without the love interest, maybe fortune favours the bold.

Jalebi Babies

Maybe a lot is said, however, a transcript may help both of us understand.

Stop It

How i feel when trying to do this essay, can also prepare to expect the worst, even if.


Something significant about a trumpet, or was it a horn, imagine just not existing.

New Things

You don't have to like it, i'm not forcing you but at least, i got to place it in front of your eyes.

So As To Say

The world only cares about influential people who do not deserve the attention.


That's it, just read from that teleprompter, only making a slight appearance, increases power.


No one gets out alive in the end, might as well try and do our best.


Too much going on, only taking the best clips, or whatever, yes, i ran out of ideas but so have you.


Don't talk, just act, blah blah, some parts work, i don't care what you make of it.

Internet Kid

Roll credits, i would be excellent at cinema something but my work is art, not random video.

Don't Sweat This Technique

This video was a suggestion, and looked interesting enough to accompany this soundtrack.


All sequences are created with soundtracks in mind, these suit well in my opinion.


Do we choose to conform because sticking out makes us far too vulnerable, find out.

Los Set Up

Argh, meh, errr, ew, why on earth do we think we are better than one another.


Women are predictable, men are laughable, stop acting strong when you should act soft.

Same Old Story

Apologies in advance if i repeat myself, its only because, it is vital, or maybe i hit a brick wall.


Had it with the phantom thief bullshit, after thirteen videos, this should go back over there.

Up To You

Are fights within ones mind, body or soul, could we be reciprocating with each other.

I Don't Care

This isn't copyright, this is freedom of usage act just introduced, i promise you copy as well.


Sorry about the poor quality video but hey, what do you even care, its all fine.


Is life about living in a box, or unlocking ones true potential through hardships and trials.


People think dogs can go to heaven so, they themselves can do whatever they need.

Boom Boom Pop

Appreciate artwork, and the countless hours spent on ensuring the edits actually match, somewhat.

Help You

Yes, i'm trying to help you, if money were to be involved, would it make it worthwhile.


What is the right to remain silent, if not already taken before given a choice.

Odd One Out

This soundtrack was to originally be called fake love, however this name stuck.

De La Soul

Got to get into the groove of a goose to understand how to get loose.

The Chase

Chained to the rhythm or enslaved to the false impending sense of freedom.

Creations Creation

We cannot create creations when we can barely contain our own constipation.

Light In The Madness

Tough battle of knowing your inner personality, and still choosing temptations.

Planned Plan

If the lyrics are simple, mostly from my university introductory writing days.